Radio Talk 101

Build confidence and clarity on the radio.

An intensive airplane radio course for speaking correctly and confidently on the radio making you and others safer in the sky.

Who’s it for?

This airplane radio course is for new pilots who are non-native or native speakers of English wanting correct and confident radio communication is a variety of flying scenarios.

About the Airplane Radio Course

This course is designed for non-native AND native speakers of English who need exposure to standard and non-standard VFR phraseology in order to be safe while flying. We will explore and practice all of the NavCanada standard VFR phraseology. Focus will be on using proper VFR phraseology as well as using proper English pronunciation for the Vancouver and surrounding region. Activities include planning VFR XC flight and creating ATC/ Pilot dialogs. By the end of this course:

  • you will be able to speak to terminal area controllers confidently and correctly,
  • you will be able to locate and apply proper departure and arrival communication procedures into class C/D/E control zones and aerodromes with mandatory frequencies (MFs), and ATFs,
  • you will be able to make clear and concise position reports,
  • you will be able to locate a variety of air traffic frequencies on the VNC and VTA
  • Non-native speakers will have increased accuracy in English pronunciation as it relates to VFR radio telephony.


Admission Requirements for English Class

  • Must be 18 years of age

  • Intermediate level of English (ICAO 3-4 or IELTS 5 or equivalent)

    Course Info at a Glance

    • Length: 20 hours

    • Availability: By student demand

    • Time: Day or Night

    • Format: Classroom (in class)

      Required Materials

      • Smartphone and earbuds

      • Pencils and plain white paper

      • VTA/VNC navigational charts

      • Canada Flight Supplement (CFS) [provided]

      • Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM) [Free link]

        Radio Talk Course Pricing

        Course Cost (20 hours) $379
        Administration Fee $49


        Notes about this course: 

        This English course is not designed to instruct pilots in proper grammar usage. For a full aviation plain English course for non-native speakers of English please refer to our Plain English for Pilots and Enthusiasts course.


        Transport Canada Aeronautical Information Manual [download]