Aviation Events

Compass Flight hosts frequent aviation events at its Pitt Meadows Airport location.

Various aviation themes will be addressed to facilitate both student education and public awareness in important industry related topics. The events look to invite industry leaders, experienced pilots, and aviation enthusiasts to share their knowledge and experiences as guest speakers. Light catering and good times will be provided.

Aviation Ground School Course

Compass Flight offers one of the premier ground school courses in Canada and is delivered by highly experienced and knowledgeable flight instructors.

This ground school course builds upon the minimum requirements and strives to educate PPL and CPL students to a very high standard. The Aviation Ground School course is delivered on a continuous basis and allows for students to join at any time throughout the year.

The Lounge

The Compass Flight lounge offers the experience of a first-class aviation lounge environment that is catered towards pilots and students.

The lounge amenities include a 75-inch high-definition smart TV, Xbox and PS5 video game consoles, and board games. There are free beverages and snacks for members to enjoy while enjoying the lounge. The lounge is available to all Compass students, general aviation pilots and the public for a monthly subscription of $40.


Compass Flight utilizes a state-of-the-art simulator for our flight training programs.

The AL 250 is a Transport Canada approved flight training device purchased through ALSIM, a world-renowned manufacturer. The AL 250 allows students to sharpen their flying skills in a high-tech, fully enclosed cockpit that simulates over 50 types of single and multi-engine aircraft.