PPL Lingo 101

A language intro to flying for non-native speakers of English

A brief intro to flying English course to help you communicate more effectively during your flight training.

Who’s it for?

This PPL English course is designed to give students who are non-native speakers of English increased  exposure to topics related to their pilot training.

About the PPL Lingo Course

Students can expect to learn specific vocabulary required for PPL training, select complex grammar structures used in communicating with air traffic control and instructors, as well as proper pronunciation instruction.

Upon completion of this course the successful student will have reliably demonstrated the ability to:

    • communicate effectively with their instructor on a variety of aviation related topics found in aviation training
    • use selected grammar with minor errors that rarely interfere with meaning
    • speak and communicate using select aviation vocabulary with more accuracy
    • speak on a variety of aviation topics with more accurate pronunciation, stress, rhythm, and intonation.
    • demonstrate a higher level of knowledge of topics found during pilot training 

Free Assessment

Come in to ECFI and get a free English language level assessment. Our experienced language instructor / flight instructor will give you an accurate leveling speaking test and help you set English language goals. 

Admission Requirements for English Class

  • Must be 18 years of age

  • Enrollment in a pilot training program

  • Intermediate level of English (ICAO 3-4 or IELTS 5 or equivalent)

    Course Info at a Glance

    • Length: 40 hours

    • Availability: By student demand

    • Time: Day or Night

    • Format: Classroom (in class)

      Required Materials

      • Transport Canada Flight Training Manual

        PPL Lingo Pricing

        Course Cost (40 hours) $979
        Administration Fee $49