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Regardless of whether you want to fly for fun or fly for a major airline we have a program for you. We are here to help you accomplish your piloting dreams. We also have language instructors on staff. Our pilot training

Why Choose Executive Compass Flight Institute As Your Flight School?

Executive Compass Flight Institute offers a detailed Private Pilot Licence program, Commercial Pilot Licence program, and Instructor Rating program, taught by experienced Flight Instructors, with comprehensive ground and flight training that adheres to Transport Canada's regulations. We also provide options for further advancement in pilot training, such as Multi-Engine, Multi-Engine Instrument, and additional ratings.

At Executive Compass safety is non-negotiable, you will have peace of mind with our fleet of excellent and well-maintained aircraft thanks to our in-house maintenance staff. ​​The team here at Executive Compass Flight Institute goes above and beyond - our enthusiasm is contagious, and we share a genuine desire to see our students succeed! It isn't just about learning to fly; it is about becoming a skilled and confident pilot with a support system every step of the way.

Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC)

Are looking for a new job? More than 24 months since your last instrument flight test or IPC?

Digital Adopted Flight School: ForeFlight Integrated Flight Training


ForeFlight provides effective tools to simplify flight planning and in-flight operations for educators and students. The service integrates flight planning, charts, weather, airport information, document management, synthetic vision, and more into a comprehensive aviation app, making it an excellent educational resource for flight training institutions.

ForeFlight is committed to nurturing the next generation of pilots by offering superior technology education tools.

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Give friends and family the gift of true freedom.

If you need a unique present grab a special Compass gift card today. Our unique gift cards program offers you friends or family the chance to experience true freedom from the flight deck.

The gift cards can be used on all recreational flight offerings and simulator sessions, or can be put towards pilot training.

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