Ground School

Are you looking to attend PPL or CPL Ground School?

Ground School is moving to an integrated format with both ONLINE lesson plans and in-person Q&A sessions to prepare you for your written exams.
How is our new Ground School Program better for our students at Compass Flight?
We’ve been listening to you!
You asked for more flexibility and the ability to study from home
You asked for more robust Quizzes and Tests
You asked for a better way to prepare for the PPL (PPAER) and CPL (CPAER) Written Exams
The online course we are using allows you to study when and wherever you want while providing you with lots of quizzes and exams to prepare you for the TC Written Exams.
Integrated into your flight training
‘When should you complete your ground school’ is a very common question. The best answer is either before or during your flight training so you can take advantage of the ground knowledge while you are flying towards your licence.
Therefore, COMPASS FLIGHT has decided to merge the Online Ground School progress into the Flight Lesson plans. There will be required Ground School Modules, that need to be completed in a timely manner and entered into our PPL and CPL Flight Programs. This enables us to support your progress towards completing the Flight Test and the Written Exams simultaneously.
As of February, COMPASS FLIGHT will begin to offer the 4-hour MONTHLY Q&A / EXAM PREP sessions.
The monthly sessions will oscillate between Tues and Thurs weekday evenings, and Saturdays, on the last week/weekend of the month.

We are offering the following schedule:

  • Saturday
    9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

    Ground School Syllabus

    • Airframes and Engines

    • Engines I – Systems

    • Engines II – Fuel Systems

    • Engines III – Other Systems

    • Flight Instruments

    • Aerodynamics and Theory of Flight

    • Flight Operations I – Airport Operations

    • Flight Ops II – Flight Plans & Flight Itineraries

    • Flight Ops III – AeroMedicine & Human Factors

    • Canadian Air Regulations I – Licensing Requirements

    • Canadian Air Regulations II – Canadian Airspace

    • Canadian Air Regulations III – Rules & Regulations

    • Canadian Air Regulations IV – Commercial Operations

    • Meteorology I – Basic Meteorology

    • Meteorology II – Basic Weather Theory

    • Meteorology III – Active Weather

    • Pilot Decision Making (PDM)

    • Navigation I – Introduction to Navigation

    • Navigation II – Nav Logs, Calculations, Computers

    • Navigation III – Radio Theory & Radio Communications

    • Navigation IV – Radio Navigation

      Ground School Pricing

      Ground School(PPL) $430
      Ground School(CPL) $470
      Ground School(PPL+CPL) $900
      Books and Material $550


      PPL package:
      Cost $430
      Monthly Q&A / Written Exam Prep Ground School (x 4 hours x 6 months)
      Value-$2220 (based on 6 months of attending Monthly Sessions)


      CPL package
      Cost $470
      Monthly Q&A / Written Exam Prep Ground School (x 4 hours x 6 months)
      Value-$2250 (based on 6 months of attending Monthly Sessions)
      Combo Package:
      Cost $900
      Monthly Q&A / Written Exam Prep Ground School 
      Value-$4470 (based on 12 months of attending Monthly Sessions)

      • Prices do not include taxes.
      • Prices are subject to change.