Ground School

Are you looking to attend PPL or CPL Ground School?

Are you looking to complete your ground school in a short 10-week schedule?
Do you want the flexibility to start whenever you want and work at your own pace?
We have you covered….

Compass Flight offers unlimited attendance (within 1 year of signing up) to our Aviation Ground School. That’s up to 400 hrs of in-person ground school which allows you to complete both the PPL and CPL requirements for 1 low price of $900 (plus $500 for the Ground School kit).

Compass Flight’s Aviation Ground School is a continuously run, comprehensive ground school that covers the topics and requirements of both the Private Pilot Licence and the Commercial Pilot Licence. No waiting around for a new start date. Just join in when you can and start receiving credits for the required topics immediately. Our ground school runs on 10-week cycles!

That’s right…
Finish your PPL Ground School in 10 weeks!
Finish your CPL Ground School in 10 weeks!
Take your time and selectively attend whichever classes you want to receive all the credits towards the requirements.

Compass Flight’s Aviation Ground School is taught by certified and experienced Flight Instructors and current airline pilots. Either way, our highly knowledgeable ground school instructors want to help you become a pilot. Our classroom is highly professional, spacious, and ready for both students and instructors. Our facilities are all heated and air-conditioned which allows for maximum comfort year-round.

We are offering the following schedule:

  • Evening Tuesday Thursday 18:00 PM – 20:00 PM

  • Saturday
    9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

    Ground School Syllabus

    • Airframes and Engines

    • Engines I – Systems

    • Engines II – Fuel Systems

    • Engines III – Other Systems

    • Flight Instruments

    • Aerodynamics and Theory of Flight

    • Flight Operations I – Airport Operations

    • Flight Ops II – Flight Plans & Flight Itineraries

    • Flight Ops III – AeroMedicine & Human Factors

    • Canadian Air Regulations I – Licensing Requirements

    • Canadian Air Regulations II – Canadian Airspace

    • Canadian Air Regulations III – Rules & Regulations

    • Canadian Air Regulations IV – Commercial Operations

    • Meteorology I – Basic Meteorology

    • Meteorology II – Basic Weather Theory

    • Meteorology III – Active Weather

    • Pilot Decision Making (PDM)

    • Navigation I – Introduction to Navigation

    • Navigation II – Nav Logs, Calculations, Computers

    • Navigation III – Radio Theory & Radio Communications

    • Navigation IV – Radio Navigation


      Ground School(PPL) $700
      Ground School(CPL) $200
      Ground School(Unlimited attend PPL+CPL) $900
      Books and Material $500

      • Prices do not include taxes.
      • Prices are subject to change.