Single-Engine (Group 3) Instrument Rating Course

Ever wonder how pilots take-off and land in fog?

An instrument rating allows a pilot to navigate without visual reference to the ground.

Instrument Rating Admission Requirements

  • Holder of a Transport Canada Private Pilot Licence

  • A Category 1 or 3 medical certificate

    Instrument Rating Program Requirements

    • Minimum 40 hours of instrument training (maximum 20 hours can be done in a certified simulator) with 5 hours instrument time credited from PPL

    • 50 hours of Pilot in Command Cross - Country time, Transport Canada requirement (PPL (PIC) Cross-Country time is credited)

    • Dual cross country of at least 100 nautical miles under simulated or actual IFR conditions

    • Minimum 70% on the Transport Canada written exam (INRAT)

    • Successfully pass the Transport Canada flight test

    • Ground School


      Instrument Rating Pricing

      Dual Training (15 hours) $300 per hour
      Simulator Training (20 hours) $240 per hour
      Ground Briefing (7 hours) $105 per hour
      (Optional) Ground School (INRAT prep) $600
      Materials Fee $100
      Application Fee $250
      Administration Fee $250

      • Estimated cost of the Instrument Rating is $10,835 based on Transport Canada minimum requirements. Actual hours and costs can vary depending on individual student performance.
      • Licensing related fees $545.
      • Prices do not include taxes.
      • Prices are subject to change.