Wings over Vancouver

Ever dream of flying an aircraft?
Come join us and see what it takes to become a pilot.

Ever dream about the exciting thrill of flight? You will experience flying with an instructor that will safely guide you through the flight.

Come to Compass and join us on a journey to spread your wings over Vancouver. In this all-inclusive package deal, experience a full day in the life of a pilot which includes it all, a lesson on the ground, in the sky and our state-of-the-art flight simulator. “Wings over Vancouver” includes ground briefings before and after flight explaining flying procedures and basic theory, an in-depth explanation of all relevant pre-flight safety checks, a one-hour flight in our Cessna 172, as well as a half-hour flight in our ALSIM AL250 flight simulator.

*Late arrival will result in Compass Flight having to adjust Simulator and /or Flight times to maintain on-time performance within our operation

*Please note that the time selected during the booking process represents your ideal time for the experience. We will make every effort to accommodate your preferred time. In the event that we are unable to schedule your flight at your chosen time, we will promptly contact you to discuss alternative options and reschedule your booking. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Wings over Vancouver includes:

  • One hour of flight with instructor on a Cessna 172 aircraft

  • 30 minutes of flight on an Alsim simulator

  • Aircraft walk around for thorough inspection of the aircraft

  • Ground briefing prior and after flight explaining flying procedures and basic theory


    • Kids under 12 require adult supervision



      Wings over Vancouver $479
      Optional Extend flight time to 90 mins (*required for seat change) $100


      • Special promotion: If you enroll in the PPL program with us within one week after the flight, Compass Flight will put $479 credit into your flight account that can be used towards flight training.
      • Prices do not include taxes.
      • Prices are subject to change.