Wings over Vancouver

Ever dream of flying an aircraft?
Come join us and see what it takes to become a pilot.

Ever dream about the exciting thrill of flight? You will experience flying with an instructor that will safely guide you through the flight.

Come to Compass and join us on a journey to spread your wings over Vancouver. In this all-inclusive package deal, experience a full day in the life of a pilot which includes it all, a lesson on the ground, in the sky and our state-of-the-art flight simulator. “Wings over Vancouver” includes ground briefings before and after flight explaining flying procedures and basic theory, an in-depth explanation of all relevant pre-flight safety checks, a one-hour flight in our Cessna 172M, as well as a half-hour flight in our ALSIM AL250 flight simulator.

*Late arrival will result in Compass Flight having to adjust Simulator and /or Flight times to maintain on-time performance within our operation

Wings over Vancouver includes:

  • One hour of flight with instructor on a Cessna 172M aircraft

  • 30 minutes of flight on an Alsim simulator

  • Aircraft walk around for thorough inspection of the aircraft

  • Ground briefing prior and after flight explaining flying procedures and basic theory


    • Kids under 12 require adult supervision



      Wings over Vancouver $429
      Optional Extend flight time to 90 mins (*required for seat change) $100


      • Special promotion: If you enroll into PPL program with us within the one week after the flight, Compass Flight will put $300 credit into your flight account that can be used towards flight training.
      • Prices do not include taxes.
      • Prices are subject to change.