A great way to PREPARE for your Private Pilot Licence

Are you interested in getting your Private Pilot Licence and maybe your Commercial Pilot Licence?


A great way to start is by participating in our Simulator-based PPL preparation…

Start Early. We accept students as young as 12 into PPL preparation.

Be extra Prepared for flight training by starting in the simulator and ground school first.

Be extra Safe by learning about the theory and procedures before ever entering the cockpit.

Be extra Efficient in your Private Pilot Licence training and complete your training with a low amount of flight training hours by being extra prepared. You could squeeze your Multi and IFR ratings into your Commercial Pilot Licence.

For more details, please book an Information Session with our Chief Flight Instructor.


See what's included below

Our PPL preparation typically would include, and we recommend:

  • Signing up for PPL Ground School60 hours
    • Includes PPL Transport Canada Written Exam Prep Workshop20 hours
  • Obtaining 25 hours of Instruction in our world-class ALSIM AL250 Simulator
  • Obtaining Ground Briefing towards PPL Lesson plans and flight exercises20 hours
  • Purchasing 3 Training Flights in our Aircraft:
    • Introductory Flight45 min
    • Midpoint Training Flight1 hour + 15 min
    • Graduation Training Flight1 hour + 15 min
      • All flights and 5 hours of Simulator time Logged towards future PPL Training
    • Purchasing a Ground School kit – all the manuals and equipment required for your PPL