Flight School BC

About Our Flight School in BC

Executive Compass Flight Institute, nestled in the vibrant city of Vancouver, British Columbia, stands as a beacon of excellence in aviation education, offering aspiring aviators a gateway to the skies through comprehensive flight training programs. Specialising in pilot training in Vancouver, the institute prides itself on its ability to mould student pilots into skilled professionals ready to navigate the vast Canadian airspaces.


At the heart of its curriculum is the Private Pilot License (PPL) program, meticulously designed to meet and exceed Transport Canada's rigorous standards. This foundational course offers students a deep dive into the essentials of flying, covering both practical flight training and theoretical knowledge in ground school. Vancouver's unique geographical landscape provides an ideal backdrop for training, offering student pilots a mix of urban and natural environments to hone their skills.


Recognizing the aspirations of many to pursue a career in aviation, Executive Compass Flight Institute extends its training offerings to include a Commercial Pilot program. This advanced training is tailored for those aiming to become commercial pilots, guiding them through the intricacies of flying larger aircraft and navigating complex flight scenarios.

For those aspiring to contribute to the next generation of pilots, the institute offers a Flight Instructor program. This course empowers commercial pilots to share their knowledge and passion for flying with budding aviators, ensuring a continuous flow of highly skilled professionals into the Canadian air industry.


The institute's commitment to excellence is evident in its adherence to Transport Canada's standards across all programs. This commitment ensures that all student pilots, whether aiming for a private pilot license in British Columbia or pursuing commercial ambitions, receive education that is not just compliant, but surpasses national requirements.

At Executive Compass Flight Institute, the journey from student pilot to transport pilot is paved with expertise, dedication, and a deep-rooted passion for aviation. With its comprehensive programs, experienced flight instructors, and state-of-the-art training facilities, the institute stands as a premier choice for pilot training in Vancouver and beyond.

BC Flight School Cost

The cost of obtaining a Private Pilot License (PPL) and Commercial Pilot License (CPL) in Vancouver, BC, varies depending on several factors such as the type of aircraft used for training and the individual's pace of learning.


For a PPL Training, Executive Compass Flight Institute estimates the cost of obtaining the Private Pilot License is $13,895.  However, it's worth noting that this cost is based on the minimum hours set out by Transport Canada, and actual expenses can vary based on the progression of individual training, the type of aircraft flown, and weather conditions​​.

For a CPL, the cost typically ranges from $21,700 to $23,000. This includes the necessary flight time, ground school, written exams, and other associated costs. Training for a CPL requires a minimum of 200 hours of flight time. It's also important to note that students may need to first obtain a PPL before proceeding with CPL training.

Flight School Program Requirements

To become a Private Pilot in Vancouver, BC, you must fulfil certain prerequisites:

Age: You must be at least 17 years old to obtain the license, although training can start at 15.

Medical Certificate: A Category 3 or higher Aviation Medical Certificate is required.

English: A proven fluency in English given its status as the international language of aviation.

Ground School: A minimum of 40 hours of ground school is required, covering topics like Canadian Aviation Regulations, Aerodynamics, Meteorology, Navigation, and more.

Flying Requirements: A minimum of 45 hours of flight training is needed, which includes dual and solo flights, cross-country flights, and instrument training.

Examinations: You must pass the written examination (PPAER) and a flight test administered by Transport Canada​​​​.


To become a Commercial Pilot in Vancouver, BC, candidates must meet the following requirements:

Age: You must be at least 18 years old to hold a CPL

Private Pilot License (PPL): Must have completed your PPL as it is a prerequisite for commercial pilot training.

Medical Certificate: A Class 1 medical certificate is required.

Ground School: A minimum of 80 hours of commercial pilot aeroplane ground school instruction covering various subjects such as Canadian Aviation Regulations, Aerodynamics, Meteorology, Flight Operations, etc.

Flight Training: Completion of a minimum of 200 hours of flight time is required, of which at least 100 hours must be as pilot-in-command. This includes 20 hours of cross-country flight time, 35 hours of dual instruction flight time (including night and instrument time), and 30 hours of solo flight time, emphasising general flying skills.

Examinations: Passing the Transport Canada written examination for Commercial Pilots (CPAER) and a flight test to the standard outlined in the Flight Test Guide Commercial Pilot License – Aeroplane​

BC Flight Training

Pursuing a Private Pilot License (PPL) in Vancouver or anywhere in British Columbia offers an incredible opportunity for student pilots to embark on a journey through the stunning Canadian air, laying the foundational stone towards becoming a professional pilot. The region's diverse geography and airspace provide an ideal classroom for flight training, where students can gain essential skills under the guidance of experienced flight instructors.

Pilot training in Vancouver covers comprehensive ground school courses that are crucial for understanding the theoretical aspects of flying, including aviation law, meteorology, and navigation, all of which adhere to Transport Canada's stringent regulations. These regulations ensure that all training programs meet the highest standards of safety and professionalism, preparing students not just for their PPL but for future advancements in their aviation careers.

For those aspiring to go beyond the PPL, Executive Compass Flight Institute also offers training towards obtaining a Commercial Pilot License. This further training encompasses multi-engine ratings and instrument ratings, pivotal in shaping a well-rounded aviator capable of navigating the complexities of Canadian air and beyond.

Becoming a flight instructor is another avenue that many pursue post-acquisition of their Commercial Pilot License. This role not only allows for the sharing of knowledge and passion for aviation with budding aviators but also helps in accumulating valuable flight hours, a critical component for those aiming to become transport pilots.

Executive Compass Flight Institute is renowned for their commitment to producing top-tier aviation professionals. Through a combination of practical flight training and rigorous ground school, student pilots are well-equipped to ascend through the ranks, from navigating small single-engine aircraft as private pilots to commanding larger, more complex aircraft as commercial pilots or transport pilots.

The path to becoming a pilot, whether it starts with a PPL in British Columbia or progresses to commercial and transport pilot levels, is marked by dedication, discipline, and a deep love for the skies. With Vancouver's world-class training facilities and expert instructors, student pilots are set on a trajectory towards achieving their dreams of flying, fully supported by the foundational principles instilled during their initial training phases under the Canadian sky.