Commercial Pilot Licence

Planning to work in the aviation industry as a pilot?

The Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) is a comprehensive pilot training program that allows a private pilot licence holder to train and build the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to work in the aviation industry as a pilot.

CPL licence holders can then have their licence endorsed with other ratings. The multi-engine rating, instrument rating and instructor rating are typical endorsements held by a CPL pilot. The Commercial Pilot Licence course prepares pilots for work in the commercial aviation industry.

Commercial Pilot Requirements

  • Candidates must be 18 years of age for the issuance of a Commercial Pilot Licence

  • A Category 1 medical certificate

    Commercial Pilot Program Requirements

    • A Total of 65 hours of flight time post PPL

    • Ground School – 100 hours

    • Post-PPL Dual Training: 35 hours (minimum)

    • Post-PPL Solo Training: 30 hours (minimum)

    • Additional time building and/or Multi and IFR flight training time may be required to achive 200 hours total flight time and 100 hours PIC flight time

    • Minimum 60% on Transport Canada written exam (CPAER)

    • Successfully pass the Transport Canada flight test


      Commercial Pilot Licence Cost

      Dual Training (35 hours) $285 per hour
      Solo Training (30 hours) $195 per hour
      Ground Briefing (12 hours) $90 per hour
      Ground School $900 for unlimited attendance PPL+CPL
      Application Fee $250
      Administration Fee $250

      • Estimated cost of the Commercial Pilot Licence is $17,255 based on Transport Canada minimum requirements. Actual hours and cost can vary depending on an individual student’s performance and training options, i.e. adding endorsements within the CPL program.
      • Licensing related fees $980.
      • An additional 70 hrs of flight training that may include Cross-Country Time-Building, Multi-Engine Training and/or Multi-IFR Training may be required to complete the CPL licensing requirements.
      • Candidates must be 18 years of age for issuance of a Commercial Pilot License; however, they may begin flying at the age of 14.
      • Prices do not include taxes.
      • Prices are subject to change.

      Renting Aircraft and Time Building

      Executive Compass Flight Institute is a proud partner of the West Coast Pilot Club located at Langley Regional Airport (CYNJ).

      Our partnership allows our students who have graduated from our Private Pilot Licence (PPL) program to easily transition to renting aircraft through the West Coast Pilot Club.

      Do you have your Private Pilot Licence and would like to rent aircraft for longer trips to the United States, Kelowna and beyond?


      Are you now a CPL Student looking to time build with more flexibility, but remain a student at Compass Flight for your flight training hours?

      Try West Coast Pilot Club!