Instructor Rating (90 Days)

Building hours and earning money at the same time?

The flight instructor rating is offered to pilots who hold a commercial pilot license and wish to progress in the aviation community as a flight instructor. 

This is an excellent way to accumulate flight hours towards an ATPL or airline minimum requirements.  As a flight instructor, you will give back to the next generation of pilots by providing quality flight instruction.  

Instructor Rating Admission Requirements

  • Holder of a Transport Canada Commercial Pilot License
    have passed the CPAER and CPL flight test to start ground school

  • A Category 1 medical certificate

    Flight Instructor Rating Program Requirements

    • Ground School – 25 hours (minimum)

    • Dual Training: 30 hours (minimum) (Up tp 5 hours from a Simulator)

    • Minimum 70% on the Transport Canada written exam – Aeroplane class 4 (AIRAF)

    • Successfully pass the Transport Canada flight test


      Instructor Rating Cost

      Dual Training (25 hours) $300 per hour
      Simulator Training (5 hours) $240 per hour
      Ground Briefing (4 hours) $105 per hour
      Ground School (Based on 4 people) $712.5
      Material Fee $100
      Application Fee $250
      Administration Fee $250

      • Estimated cost of the Instructor Rating is $10,482.5 based on Transport Canada minimum requirements. Actual hours and costs can vary depending on individual student performance.
      • Licensing related fees $430.
      • Prices do not include taxes.
      • Prices are subject to change.