Chief Flight Instructor
Class 1 Flight Instructor

Mark has over 10 years of experience working as a Chief Flight Instructor at some of the largest flight training institutes in Canada with over 2000 flight hours.


Assistant Chief Flight Instructor
Class 2 Flight Instructor

Trevor is a class 2 flight instructor with over 1200 hours of experience in both glider and powered aircraft. He started his journey in aviation 6 years ago and is excited to share his passion for flying with others. Trevor is also a Computer Science student at UBC.


Class 3 Flight Instructor

Sergio is a class 3 instructor with over 800 hours of experience on powered aircraft. Originally from Mexico, he moved to Canada in 2016 to pursue his dream of becoming a pilot, and also discovered a passion for teaching others how to fly.


Class 4 Flight Instructor

Alexander is a class 4 instructor who was born and raised in the lower mainland. He has a BA degree and has many hours of community volunteer experience. Alexander comes from a family of aviation and enjoys sharing his passion of flying with all of his students. He brings to the team a wide background of aviation experience including seaplane, aerobatics and multi IFR. If Alexander is not flying you can normally find him playing/ reffing ice hockey, at the gym, or on adventures with his 4 year old golden doodle named Bruce.


Class 4 Flight Instructor

Levi is a class 4 flight instructor with a wide variety of flying experiences ranging from IFR flying in busy airspaces such as New York to float flying on the B.C coast.


Class 4 Flight Instructor

Dominic is a highly skilled Class 4 flight instructor with a wealth of aviation expertise. With a distinguished military background, Dominic brings a unique perspective and a disciplined approach to his instruction. Recently relocating from Alberta to British Columbia, Dominic's mountain flight experience sets him apart, making him an invaluable resource for pilots seeking to master the challenges of navigating through rugged terrains. His dedication, knowledge, and passion for flying make Dominic the ideal mentor for aspiring aviators looking to hone their skills in the breathtaking landscapes of British Columbia.



Director of Maintenance

Roman had a desire and passion for aircraft maintenance ever since he was young which has developed into today with over 10 years of experience in the aviation maintenance industry. He has worked at Canada’s largest regional airlines providing aircraft maintenance to the highest industry standards.


Digital Marketing Manager

Allen is the Marketing & Tech Specialist with expertise in utilizing digital marketing techniques to develop ongoing strategies. Allen is passionate about Business innovation and leading successful Marketing campaigns within Compass.